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Meet Patrice

The idea of starting Amir Luxury Candle Co. originated from my kids. As a full-time mom of 2 kids under 5 and a full-time career as a nurse, I was called multiple times and had to leave my job and pick up the kids due to them being sick or something happening at the school. One day I decided that I can’t keep doing that and that I needed to do something that I will enjoy doing and still have the flexibility to be there for my kids. 

I was always creative and I use to melt my old candles and use them for decor. So, one day I decided why not make my own candle. This is why I created Amir Luxury Candle Co. I wanted to share my creations with the world. Making candles is my passion. I enjoy the entire process. I  use only the finest fragrance and pure essential oils from around the world, and our candles are hand-poured in the USA to ensure that every detail is perfect.

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